I have started a new free fitness class here in Battersea on Friday evenings. Kick the weekend off in style with some Hyrox style fitness training and some banter.

Hyrox is a mix of running, body weight exercises and strength training. All levels can be catered for as you go at your own pace within a group environment. You do not need to kill yourself fitness wise, it is not the army…Just have some fun and laughs while getting fitter. Bring your friends, partners and so forth.

For full details and guidelines check out the webpage here and join the whatsapp group. This is more a training group than a class, in that I am doing the fitness too, as I am using it to prepare for my next Hyrox compeition in May. There is a large range in fitness abilities so all levels welcome, see below for more on that.

***Class Details***

6pm Fridays¹ until May.
Price – Free (But Track admission is £5.30)²

Location – The Battersea Park Milennium Arena –

Google Maps>>>>                  What3Words>>> 

Start time – 6pm
First rep – 6.13
Finish – 7pm ish – You can leave whenever you want.

Clothes – Trainers & Layers as the UK weather is rubbish (hats/gloves etc)

Whatsapp Group – Join here>> for details, logisitcs and changes if I am away etc.

There are lockers, toilets, showers, and changing rooms if needed. See below for google Maps / full directions to the arena..

What Does This Mean For You?
As I put this out on social media a few weeks ago I had a few people message that they wanted to come but were worried they would be the least fit there or not fit enough, or that others would judge them as everyone else is so fit. Here is my answer to the most common questions on this theme:

-I’m worried i will be last or the unfittest, how ‘all levels’ is it really? – I don’t think anyone will know if you are last as everyone is too busy doing their own stuff and every exercise can be modified to your appropriate level.There is a big range in fitness with people running for the first time and those who have barely done fitness work before.

Exercise isn’t about best or worst, it is about personally getting better, I can barely remember anyone in 25 years of fitness and sports competition ever commenting on someone being slow, overweight or unfit at any exercise group i have been part of… the truth is if you keep coming for a few months you will dramatically improve your fitness.

-What if I am not very fit? – It doesn’t matter, you just try your best and adapt it to current level. If we are doing say 50 metres of lunges, you could do a lunge then walk 5 metres and repeat, while others lunges all the way. For running you can do half the distances of a fitter person so we all finish at the same time ish.

Should I get fitter before I come down? – No, this is not a competition, no one cares how fit you are/are not today. It is every person just building their own fitness.

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