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Book Overview

The Grand Unified Theory of Weight Loss comes from physics, where the Grand Unified Theory seeks to bring together the different aspect around electro-magnetism into one approach. This is exactly what my book does with weight loss. It covers and includes everything that influences weight loss and body transformations (which may include gaining muscle, developing fitness or health etc).

The book has four sections, in the first section; “Before The Transformation – What They Forgot To Teach You or Simply Lied to You About”, I outline some key fundamentals you must have in place if you want to be successful.

The second section; “The Mechanics of Physical Change”, details everything you need to know about what to do to change your body. This includes how to lose every bit of excess fat or how to build muscle up to that of a bodybuilder. It also covers how to develop your fitness and improve your health

Section 3; “The Grand Unified Theory of Body Transformations”, bridges the gap between knowing what to do, as outlined in the previous section and actually being able to do it in the real world. This is what really determines results, most people know how to lose weight and have done it various times in the past but how do you get yourself to do it now??

The Grand Unified Theory outlines the solution to this, it includes various areas such as motivation, training your neural connections, accounting for emotions & stress, looking at different types of plans as well as seeing how this whole goal area fits into your personality and identity. This approach shows you how to unlock your potential and gives a roadmap to not just change your body but to achieve any body goal you so would choose.

The final section; “Your Unified Transformation Plan”, outlines various plans that you can follow. Overall I have had good feedback so far about the book and I am sure it could help you. The video below outlines more about the book –

Change Your Thinking – Change Your Shape (2012)

Fed up with trying to get in shape yet never getting the results you desire? This book shows you how to break this cycle by changing the way you think. Ben Wilson has studied the distinct differences between how those in truly sensational shape think and act compared to the average person. This book reveals their secrets and shows you how to change your thinking and therefore your body shape. The book will show you:

-Why willpower is not important and how the mind really works

-The major beliefs that are stopping you from getting into shape

-The ten principles of how people in amazing shape think and live their lives

-What self-sabotage really is and how to stop it

-How to change your mind set and control emotional eating

-A daily mind change workout for you to follow

-A fifteen week plan to transform your body

Rugby Fitness Training – A Twelve Month Training Programme (2006 Crowood Press)

Rugby is a sport that embraces players of every shape, size and fitness level. The success a player achieves, no matter what position he plays, will depend on his physical abilities. This book explains how those abilities, and therefore playing performance, can be improved. This book discusses:

– The mechanics of the human body.

– The classification of physical abilities and what is needed to succeed.e

– Examines the training methodology associated with aerobic, endurance, sprint, agility, plyometric, resistance, flexibility and core training.

– Provides detailed explanations of a wide range of exercises.

– Considers testing and how to measure performance.

– The principles involved in designing training programmes

– Contains a easy-to-use, ten-step model that allows a player to formulate his own twelve-month training programme.

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