I first started helping people to get in shape in 2002 and have been coaching people online since 2007. My approach combines nutrition, exercise and motivational methods to transform your mind and body. I am one of the most experienced personal trainers in the UK & have written three books on fitness. 

If you are in London I work with people face to face through my Personal Training in Battersea (London).

For people further a field I have three online options, Performance Coaching, direct One to One Video Personal Training sessions or enrol in Body Transformation ZeroYou do not need any prior success or experience around health & fitness to work with me


LONDON – Personal Training Battersea 

For face to face coaching my personal training gives you everything that you need. I can use my 20 years of one on one experience to adapt the training, coaching, nutrition and overall plan to your goals while allowing for your prior experiences and circumstances. I am used to training people who are unfit and haven’t exercised for years so whatever your level, I can help. For more information about Personal training see here>>> 


ONLINE – Performance Coaching 

I will support and motivate you to achieve your goals through addressing your nutrition, exercise and long term habits. I will create for you a personalized plan to follow based on your aims and current skills. We will then be in contact daily through whatsapp and weekly check-in’s to implement and adapt the plan until you have achieved your goals. You will have access to my extensive exercise library and members area as well as the Body Transformation Zero programme under my guidance. Find out more information about the Performance Coaching here>>> 


ONLINE – Body Transformation Zero

The ultimate body transformation course that implements all of the concepts from my book The Grand Unified Theory of Weight Loss. It has 11 modules with various tasks to complete which will give you all the skills and motivation to change your body. It is designed to help people who have always struggled with their health & fitness and will help you regardless of your past struggles. This can be done on at your own pace.  Find out more information about Body Transformation Zero here>>>  


ONLINE – One to One Video Personal Training Sessions 

I will train you face to face via video wherever you are in the world. The training programme and sessions will be tailored to your specific aims so that you can get to your goal in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible. I look to equip you with all the skills you need to be able to maintain your results easily and on your own thereafter. Find out more information about Online One to One Video Personal Training here>>


Arrange A Sample Session / Ask Me Any Questions 

The best way to answer any questions and / or arrange a sample session is to contact me as detailed below:

– Add Me on Whatsapp here>>>

– Call or Text me – 07915 397 703 >>>

– E-mail: ben@benwilsonuk.com

(Note – My replies often go missing due to Spam filters, easier to chat via whatsapp)

– Social Media: Benwilsonuk

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To discuss your goals please contact me as detailed below - 

 Add me on Whatsapp here>> (Best method)

– Text/Call –  07915 397 703   (+44 abroad)

– Email – ben@benwilsonuk.com

– Social Media – Benwilsonuk

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