There was a nice article in the Telegraph this week talking about Inflammation of the body and how to address it. Systemic body inflammation has been shown to be involved in many of the major health issues that affect us today such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. The problem with anti-inflammation diets is they are usually so restrictive most people will never want to nor be able to follow them. While the author of the book discussed in the article did allude to elimination of food groups the main focus was how to increase fibre in your diet. 

When it comes to nutrition there are a few basic tenants such as needing to get base amounts of protein and water as well as maximising vitamin & mineral intake. You can also add fibre to the list of things you need to consume. Fibre is non digestible carbohydrate which adds to the digestive system health as it passes through your system. It has beneficial anti-inflammatory properties.  

General advice is to consume 14g of fibre per every 1000 calories consumed, so most people would be above 25g / day. You can find below a list of the main fibre foods by serving size and food density. Easy ways to increase fibre is to just add some of the foods below into your eating regime or increase the quantities if you are not yet hitting your targets. If you are unable to get it through food intake alone then you can add it via a supplement. 

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