Every personal trainer seems to overlook this critical aspect and you have probably made the same mistake too. I’ve been a PT since 2002 and by outgrowing this error I’ve witnessed significantly improved results. In the past year alone, two of my clients shed over 20kg (45 lbs) each by applying this principle.

If you want to lose a few kilograms then it may be because you had a rough month or so recently. However, losing over 20kg implies a prolonged period of neglecting necessary behaviors. Both of my clients weren’t particularly keen on exercise, and here lies where most personal trainers fail, and where you might be going wrong too.

So, what’s the overlooked factor? It’s ignoring the history that led you to this point. The prevailing assumption is that you’ve been a bit lazy and it’s time to put a stop to that. But what if laziness isn’t the root cause? What if you simply dislike exercise or genuinely enjoy indulging in food? It’s perfectly okay, you’re not a bad person for it. 

The only disparity in this area between you and anyone else is the experiences you have been through. People who love exercise, can say no to food, or stop when they have eaten enough have done different actions to you and have experienced distinct feelings you have not felt. They have also done enough reptitions to genuinely feel differently and therefore will act this way in real life situations. 

In the case of my two clients who lost over 20kg, neither of them had a fondness for exercise. So, I devised a plan to cultivate some positive feelings around exercise. This is not your typical personal trainer’s exercise regimen, rather, one to target longer term enjoyment and adherence. If someone delights in eating healthily, leaves food on their plate, or can politely decline food in social situations, these actions are reflected in their prior conditioning.

No matter how dire you perceive your situation, following a plan that addresses your prior conditioning issues can lead you to not just tolerate, but genuinely enjoy the actions necessary for achieving results. Sadly, very few other health professionals make use of this process. For me, it is a crucial part of the methodology, which I wrote about in the  “The Grand Unified Theory of Weight Loss”.

What Does This Mean For You?

It’s time to shift the paradigm. Recognize that your past experiences and conditioning play a pivotal role in your behaviours. especially if you struggle with weight loss. You’re not lazy or lacking willpower; you’ve simply been shaped by different circumstances. Understanding this fundamental truth opens the door to a new approach—one that acknowledges and addresses your unique history.

Dare to challenge the status quo, not just of our society but also of your own routine thinking, thoughts and feelings. You can embark on a journey tailored to reshape your relationship with exercise and food. No longer bound by outdated assumptions or cookie-cutter regimens, you can embrace a plan designed to instill positive associations and pave the way for sustainable results. With the right support and approach, you can rewrite your story and achieve the transformative results you’ve always desired. 

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