I have been helping people get in shape, improve their health or achieve a fitness aim since 2002! For some reason I always enjoyed helping people improve themselves and that has not diminished over the 20 years, if anything, it has increased. A big change that has happened during this time is the approach and tactics that I use to help people.

I have learnt that what most people think is their problem is not the actual underlying cause. You are probably focused on wanting to know how to exercise or what to eat but that is not the root level of the problem.

What you need is an approach that uses behaviour based Psychology and real world living that we can adapt to your own body and personality. You won’t find this in normal approaches to fitness, especially the plans most people adopt in January.

If you have failed in three or more attempts to get in shape, then for me, that is a big enough sample size to say a standard approach will most likely not work for you.

A typical fitness attempt involves you following some sort of plan, while trying a bit harder and then hanging on to get results. The overall outcome for the vast majority is very disappointing. This is because during this process nothing has fundamentally changed.

The journey to achieving fitness results is not solely about following a specific exercise routine or adhering to a strict diet plan. Rather, it requires a fundamental understanding of how to navigate the intricate relationship between your own behaviour and physiology. You need an approah that makes you naturally act differently going forwards into the future.

A lack of fitness results usually stems from a disconnect between what you think you should do and what your mind and body truly needs. There is no way a generic or one-size-fits-all approach can give you this. Therefore, you are left feeling frustrated with slow progress, setbacks and ultimately no long term change. The key to results lies in recognizing the uniqueness of your own body and tailoring your fitness approach accordingly.

What Does This Mean For You?

I want you to get amazing results with your health & fitness. I hope this weekly newsletter continues to help you. In addition to this you should do at least one of these options if you are 100% committed to making 2024 a year of success:

Read/Listen to my Book – This delves into the areas that influence results and all potential blocks to your success while providing easy to use solutions. It is available in audio, kindle or print. The Grand Unified Theory of Weight Loss is a book about identifying what stops you from achieving any goal fitness, health or body shape you would like to achieve. It is comprehensive in its approach yet for most people, you will only need to make a few key changes to transform your results. In association to this book, you can also take my free Body Transformation Skills analysis here>>

Online Coaching / Mentoring – I have had some great results using an online coaching / mentoring approach. This involve setting a programme to follow, weekly check-ins for accountability,  with access to the 30+ exercise videos in my members area etc. I am then available on hand at any time via whatsapp so we can chat daily to ensure you are getting things done. The one on one approach means I can use my 20 years of experience to help you overcome any problems you run into. Like with all my clients, there is no undue pressure to succeed or criticisms if things go wrong. Alongside this, there is a sensible freedom with food and exercise.

Face to Face training – If you live near me in Battersea, London, or happy to train online (e.g. skype/Whatsappp video or zoom) then connecting face to face is another great way to get results. I can combine what I see and feel with my experience and results producing approach to ensure you make 2024 your best year yet!

For more details on any of the above then message me.

Photos –  Clients playing table tennis and joining in a workout outside of our sessions

Need Support Getting In Shape?

Changing your body on your own without support or an effective system usually ends in failure sadly. To avoid this outcome you can become one of my coaching clients either online or in person. I provide Holistic, Healthy & Sustainable Body Transformations. Contact me to discuss your goals further or see below for more details and the options available to you based on your location / preferences:

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