It has been a while since I have discussed any research articles so here are three I enjoyed recently. They focus on the power of taking a break when trying to lose weight, how Butekyo breathing can improve asthma and the influence on belief on injury rehab success. 
Research 1Taking Diet Breaks Improves Fat Loss Success – There were a couple of analysis’s that showed significantly better results when there were planned and structured breaks in the fat loss protocol. This could be within a week, e.g. off day, or taking a break after a few weeks or set amount of fat lost. 
It is no surprise to me that this is more effective as I experienced this personally (link). In 2018, after a big winter bulk I lost 5kg (12lbs) in 7 weeks then just felt like taking a break so I stopped. I picked it back up again a month later and lost another 5kg in 7 weeks. Overall, I found that losing 10kg in 18 weeks was quite simple and a fun process. If I had tried to do it in 14 weeks with no breaks I am sure I would have failed and quit way before the end. I look to use this technique and approach with all of my clients as it is by far the most useable method in real life. 
Research 2Butekyo Breathing Helps Improve Asthma – I have been using Butekyo breathing for 10 years now. During that time Wim Hof breathing became much more famous and popular. This is mostly due to Wim Hof being alive and Charismatic (Butekyo died in 2003) and his exercises being more enjoyable and easier to do than Butekyo. However, time and again studies have shown that Butekyo can help Asthma symptoms and reduce the need for medication. The study I read was a randomly controlled trial which found that following the butekyo protocol allowed for a significant reduction in use of asthma medication. 
I had Asthma from young until my early twenties when it disappeared after I changed my diet. I got into Butekyo as I noticed how out of breath I was when running compared to the pro athletes on the TV. On doing the Butekyo method I discovered I had a breath score akin to a asthmatic despite no longer needing medication. After a few weeks of using the method I broke my PB on the track and no longer felt breathless when competing. I have used the method ever since and had some great results with clients.  
Research 3Understanding The Pain Process Does Not Help Rehab Outcomes – This research review article looked at the correlation between teaching people about pain and the perception of it and injury resolution. It concluded that it does not have any influence upon getting over the injuries. A very popular book which I love is ‘The Body Keeps The Score’ which talks about how emotional pain can exhibit itself as physical pains within the body. I totally agree with this as a pathway but never agreed that all pains have an emotional route which many people believe. Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE) looks at how perception can influence how much something hurts. I think this is great for managing chronic pain but does not mean you can discount the physical and structural influence that can be the cause of pain. This means if you are looking to rehabilitate injuries for the most part you need to still focus on physical rehab primarily.  
I have had great success in helping people get over injuries and pains, the majority of clients come to me with 1 or 2 injuries in some form. I have helped someone recover from a bad car crash in each of the last 4 years. It is amazing what the body can do if given the right inputs with the right guidance. 


What Does This Mean For You?


Based on the research information here I would look to incorporate planned breaks into any fat loss journey to prevent burnout and improve long-term success. These breaks can help you maintain motivation and make the journey more enjoyable.


If you struggle with Asthma, consider exploring Butekyo breathing techniques as a complementary approach to managing your symptoms. If you have any physical pains you should ensure you focus upon strategies that address the potential underlying physical cause. Alongside this you could explore psychological aspects and pain perception if neccessary.


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