My current training is focused on doing two events this year. I would like to do another bodybuilding show, as I was not overly happy with the photos from the last one, and to compete in the Hyrox fitness challenge. Ideally I will go on stage in July ish and then do the Hyrox in October/November.  Albeit, I am not totally attached to doing the bodybuilding show as it takes up a lot of time. However, it is good to have a focus and even if I do not enter, the training will put me in a good place. 

The Hyrox, is a fairly new fitness event in the field of functional fitness. I stumbled on it while watching this Tik Tok video>>> and I followed the journey of a PT I used to work with – Kate Davey, who ended up winning the woman’s category in London. It involves running 8 x 1km, with a series of different exercises in between each of the 1km runs, e.g. 1km rower, 80m of burpees, 50m sled push (152kg), 200m walk carrying 48kg and more. 

My plan is to focus mostly on the muscle building alongside one fitness session per week until July and then go all in on the fitness efforts. Undertaking a fitness challenge is one of the more powerful ways to sustain motivation and focus. I have never been without a challenge to train for, I used to play rugby until 2008 and competed in 400m from 2004 to 2013. Since then I have focused on bodybuilding, doing five shows since 2014 as well as performing in Samba.

I encourage almost everyone to do some of sort of event, ideally every year, as it just raises the bar a little around your behaviours. There are so many options this day and age with varying levels of commitment needed. 

The ideal fitness challenge excites you to want to do it yet should also scare you a little bit so that this fear forces you into training more consistently. I wouldn’t overly analyse why you want to do something, if it appeals then go for it! For some reason Rugby, 400m, bodybuilding and now the Hyrox made me want to do them. Who knows why football, marathons, triathlon or martial arts never caught my attention in the same way.   

What Does This Mean For You?

The key take away from this information is you should consider doing some sort of fitness challenge. This could be big or small, an official challenge or simply a holiday you need to be fit for. I have helped train people for the following events over the last couple of years – 

– First ever 5km Park Run (from not being able to run).

– Marathon’s & Half Marathons.  

– The Moonwalk (a walking marathon overnight for charity) 

– Walking Holidays (Kilimanjaro, 3 peaks) 

– Ski Touring (Skinning) Challenges

– Triathlons

– Endurance Events (Cycling, running).

– Sports (Rugby, Flag football, soccer, racquet sports)

– Yoga Retreats

– Surfing holidays, kitesurfing, sailing, 

This gives you a little insight into possible options you could commit to……….What fitness challenge would appeal to you? Let me know!    

Photo –  Some Hyrox fitness photos –

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