If you play any sport, be this casual tennis, competitive rugby or a martial art your success comes down to the interplay of your skills vs fitness abilities. What is often missed is that your skills are built out of your fitness ability. There is no point on working on your tennis stroke if you cannot run fast enough to be in position to hit the ball. A kickboxing coach can only train you so far if you are not flexible enough to kick at head height. My first book on Rugby Training was built around this issue. Why do lots of skills training or bench press if you are not fit enough to be able to keep up with the action. This interplay is not limited to just sports, the same can be applied to yoga, pole dancing classes and more. At some point you physical abilities will limit you and to progress further you will need to add in extra focus outside of your current structure.

While sports are all fun and done by choice, life on the other hand is all around you whether you like it or not has certain demands on your fitness. It was for this reason I designed my Fitness Profile Test. This fairly quick to do test allows me to see if you have covered all the basics that life could ask of you. If not, then it will compromise your ability to live life at the fullest. This may mean you do not feel confident walking up stairs without holding on or you have a much greater chance of getting an injured from general life.

A big issue with fitness is that it is hard to notice you are losing it. This is because declines in fitness are so slow and gradual you will barely notice. Overtime you do not realize that you now do not even consider walking a big hill, tackling a steeper ski slope or simply running up the stairs. The gradual decline gets hidden behind the “age barrier”.

When I was 22 and starting in fitness everyone said wait until you are 30. Then when I was in the same shape they said wait until you are 40. Now that I am still charging around like a mad man they are saying wait until you are 60. Luckily for me I did not have to go too far to see what can be done in older age. In Battersea park I would see Joe doing 6-8 pull ups every day and he was 90 years old.

What Does This Mean For You?

The reality is there are basic fitness requirements to live to the fullest and there is no reason you, I or anyone cannot achieve them. Some of these basic elements include being able to squat down to the floor, being able to do a lunge in any directions, 1 leg balance, fit enough to walk up a steep hill, being able to hold your body weight in certain positions and more.

To achieve or maintain this you will need to work on the different areas of fitness I have spoken about many times; your aerobic fitness, flexibility and strength. It is not that hard to develop them over time. It just requires consistency.

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Photo –  Some of the sports I have done, including Rugby, Athletics, American Football, Soccer, Bodybuilding and performing in Samba (if that counts as a sport)…

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