Tomorrow I will do my first Hyrox fitness event which has been my main focus of the year. Annoyingly, I have had a succession of calf injuries so I have missed over 3 months of run training and havent run for a month. I am going to turn up and give it a go but as this will not be my best effort, I am doing another in May. 

An effective way to boost your exercise consistency is to sign up to some sort of fitness event or challenge. It gives you added motivation to move your body as well as directing your mental focus. While I have done bodybuilding shows before and now Hyrox, both of which are fairly niche, there are numerous events that may appeal to you, even if you have never exercised before.

The idea with these challenges is that you will focus on your fitness for many weeks to months in preparation for the event. Your first challenge does not need to be anything major but whatever you choose, sign up for it now & put in the diary.

What Does This Mean For You?

Use the list below as a guide to what would appeal to you as fitness challenge. Then take some time to research it and sign up to the one that appeals most. The ideal challenge will represent an achievement to you, should excite you to some degree and may also scare you a little. Options inlude:

-Running – 5km (Park run, Run for life etc), 10km, Half-Marathon, Marathon.
-Cycling – Time trials, London to Brighton, London to Paris challenges, cycle sportives
-Swimming – Triathlon, Aquabike, Open water swim races.
-Walking – The Moon Walk, The Three Peaks challenge, sponsored walks, costal walks etc
-Dance – Dance performances, dance competitions, intensives, parading at carnivals.
-Boxing – Fighting in a white collar boxing match, going to a thai kickboxing camp
-Team sports – Playing for a team in a competitive match , e.g. soccer, rugby
-Climbing – Climbing Ben Nevis, the Matterhorn,
-Horse riding – Equestrian dressage, show jumping or horse racing competitions
-Fitness challenges – Tough mudder, obstacle course runs, gym challenges,
-Holidays – Walk ‘Santiago De Campostela’, yoga holiday, skiing, kite surfing.

What fitness challenge would appeal to you?

Need Support Getting In Shape?

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