One of the problems with my book and model of body transformations was I had a deep interest in what were all of the factors that could be necessary to create change, or cause people to remain stuck. This was fairly complex as two people can be very different in how they think, behave and feel around health & fitness. 


This meant the solution could lie in numerous areas and hence my book is called the Grand Unified Theory of Weight Loss. If I were to simplify things then I would look say the advice you need to follow comes down “Be, Do or Forget”. That is, who do you need to Be around food, eating or exercise. What things do you need to stop or start doing, or perhaps learn even how to do them in the first place. Finally, there are many things that may need to be forgotten as that knowledge is perhaps not serving you.

Be/Being – This aspect focuses on your mindset and identity around health and fitness. Who do you need to be to achieve your goals? Perhaps you need to see yourself as someone who values their health, prioritizes exercise, and makes mindful food choices. Maybe you do not need to cut down on drink a little but to become a moderate drinker long term.

The wording is subtle but the difference is huge. If you are not at your goal right now, nor have ever been then you will need to change one or two things long term. There is a good chance that some of that is who you are in the world. This often comes about from a prolonged period of doing certain actions, but sometimes you need to do a specific process to change who you are, often times it is who else is around you influencing you. 

Do – Actions speak louder than words. What specific actions do you need to take to move closer to your goals? This could involve committing to regular exercise, meal prepping healthy meals, tracking your progress, or seeking support from a coach or community. 

This is where most of the health & fitness advice comes from. You can learn various hacks that can be of help or in just a few weeks change the course of your behaviours by installing a new action or stopping an unwanted one. You may find that your actions run into who you are as a person (the being part above). For example, you want to cut down on drink but you are a big party goer, you need to start exercising every morning but you a definitely not an exerciser. Your values will often get in the way of simple behaviour change. 

Forget – Sometimes, it’s not about adding more to your plate but rather letting go of things that hold you back. This could include negative self-talk, limiting beliefs, unhealthy habits, or unrealistic expectations. By letting go of what no longer serves you, you create space for new habits and perspectives that align with your goals.

I do not think there is any other goal area of life where the general knowledge and beliefs is surrounded by so much confusing and bad information. So many of my results have come from clients just stopping doing something, this may be no longer using the scales and instead their clothes for progress, no longer focusing on ‘healthy’ but focusing on what works, forgetting timescales and much more. If you have a couple of big blocks to success in your thinking patterns you may only need one tiny change and it all falls into place. 

What Does This Mean For You? 

Understanding the “Be, Do, Forget” framework can empower you to take control of your health and fitness journey. I feel most people never really think about the ‘Being’, especially the feeling part of this. How would you like to feel around ‘bad’ foods or behaviours. You can get to a place where you just do not feel like doing a bad behaviour and then you will not do it, using zero willpower because you have no desire. On the flipside, you can learn to enjoy exercise so much you have to do it because it is the most fun thing to do in that moment. You cannot discount the Doing part, as you will need these actions to create a different version of you. Forgetting is usually half a choice, as you can literally decide to not think in a certain way from today onwards (though you will need frequent reminders) and the other half is about finding new information to replace the prior thought patterns  

Photo –  A photo of me drumming back when I was still performing in samba. This was a great method for being in the moment and forgetting about life while doing something. Which is sort of related to the above topic – See here>>.

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