These are the top things resoluters get wrong every year, if you are doing any of these then make life easier for yourself by reacting accordingly.

1) Believing In Magic – In recent years losing weight has become almost mystical and people look for all sorts of solutions, this could be having a lemon juice in the mornings, taking some supplement to stimulate metabolism or believing in a certain diet plan as the only way to lose fat. This is why Keto, Ducan and many more diets spring up offering hope to your problems. The fact that these diets are often completely opposite to each other should give you a clue they cannot claim to be the only solution.

We all love Harry Potter or the power of the force in Star Wars but the boring truth is that fat loss is an energetic based equation and brings very predictable results. There is no food or nutrient you must take to get in shape. You have to change your energy balance, this will cover 95% of the factors around fat loss. It may not be easy to do but neither is it a magical or mysterious process.  

2) Getting Too Big For Your Boots – Typically, most people have struggled to get in shape for years, but you keep coming back and trying again and again which I always find admirable. However, on each attempt you decide to not only look to lose fat but also to get fit, get healthy and maybe change some other life habits…. you are going all in!! 

This is great, but in my experience almost no one can go all in on more than one goal. Instead, you need to focus on one major goal and put your energy into that, luckily the listed goals compliment each other so you can actually make progress in all areas simultaneously. However, having one major focus means you have the freedom to negotiate with yourself during tougher times. This could be when life gets busy, when you are stressed or when not feeling motivated. It is relatively easy to compromise if only focused on one major goal. When you are all in on everything, you will usually end up with progress in nothing.  

3) Doing it Alone – The biggest myth of motivation is that it is all from within and about you. This is why most people struggle because they think they should be able to make it happen alone. Yet over 50% of our motivations and actions come from the environment around us. This refers to who we spend our time with, where we spend that time, who we compare ourselves to in our mind and so forth. 

As a result, your transformation can be made dramatically easier by changing some elements of your environment. I have seen this first hand of course as a trainer, where I routinely see long term ‘failures’ transform very quickly when training with me or coaching online. This is because using someone to support you immeditaely changes the environment you are operating within. You will do more in this situation, where someone cares about your health & fitness results than you would on you own.

Other ways include signing up to a fitness challenge, going to group exercise classes, following a healthy cooking influencer, speaking to a fitness friend more regularly or discussing with your partner each night how your fitness efforts have gone. When your environment changes you can see some crazy transformations that you could not have predicted.

4) Going Too Hard – The fitness industry annoys me greatly as the main message they promote is effort, grind and toughness. This army style rhetoric is the exact opposite of what you need. The highest aim within exercise and body transformations is consistency. It is not about how hard you go but how consistent you become. Going hard will directly undermine your consistency.

The fitness industry says go hard for your 20 minute run this January, Consistency asks for you to do 50-75 runs in 2023 without missing more than a fortnight at any one point. This could mean your runs 1 to 6 (done in Janaury) are very light and easy. Going too hard, for too long or too frequently do not set you up for consistency anymore than going easily and enjoyably. 

The same applies to foods and fat loss, why ban all nice tasting ‘bad’ food? Why try to lose 4kg in a month and suffer throughout? The consistent approach would say I want to cut down the bad food I eat by half and be 13 kg down by this time next year, there is no rush to change it all in January.

It is not that it is wrong to go hard, it is just that most people never get anywhere with it. The only thing that matters to me is the end result. The reality of transformations is that your perception of hard changes over time rather than you actually go that much harder yourself. The emphasis on going all in means most people drop out. 

5) Pretending That Part of You Doesn’t Exist –

When a new client starts training with me I am not overly worried about getting the person I am talking to into shape. This is because the motivated version of them is before me, their demotivated side is hidden away yet it this demotivated persona that will determine your results. The part of you that can’t be bothered to do anything, that wants to eat and watch TV. Most people start their new year plans pretending that this ‘lazier’ person does not exist within.

This is very counterproductive because your demotivated side is always going to be a part of you. Your approach needs to address this version of you. When you do actually consider this side of your personality from day 1, it actually becomes much easier to get results. Training this side of you means when you finally run out of steam in a month or two, you are a different person and their is no ‘wagon’ to fall off.


If you recognise any of these mistakes within your efforts then look to rectify them as soon as possible. As many of these are elements are about your thinking or deeper beliefs it often is not as easy as just deciding on doing it a new way. You may need to examine your whole belief system a little more. My book – The Grand Unified Theory of Weight Loss can help with this. It is available in audio or print formats. .

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