A few weeks ago I gave you a workout for tightening up your midsection through the use of targeted flexibility work and the vacuum technique from bodybuilding. This is probably your best strategy if you want to improve your midsection appearance in a very short term scale (within a week).

Longer term though, most people’s goals are achieved through dropping enough body fat to be lean around your stomach. However, if your goal involves an element of showing some lines in your abs you will probably want to employ some sort of ab targeted training while getting to your target body fat percentage.  

In recent years it has become the trend to say you do not need to train abs and it is all about your food (aka body fat). It is also often said that normal strength training like squats will build them so you do not need to do any specific ab work etc.

This all sounds nice enough but in-reality almost every person with great abs, (especially natural athletes) will do a certain amount of abdominal work. It may not be through crunches on the floor but they get targeted in some way e.g. leg raises.

When it comes to the ‘abs’ there are actually ten muscles, five each side of the mid line going from your pelvis to your rib cage. Their job is to pull your ribs downwards or lift your pelvis upwards. Alongside this, you have your obliques to to either side which twist your torso and aid in creating the vertical lines that frame your abdominal region.

What Does This Mean For You?

If your goal is to have a muscular midsection look then follow along with my 15 minute workout here. This comes from my member area which has around 40 home workouts you can follow along with to get results.

Almost everyone has done the needed behaviours to achieve their goals for a short period of time. However, you have probably struggled to find enough consistency to see real substantial change. If this is also done while not fundamentally changing who you are around health & fitness then there is the very real concern that you will not be able to sustain your results long term anyhow. If this sounds like you then do not panic. This is the exact type of scenario I help people overcome all of the time with my coaching, either in person or online via whatsapp and weekly check in’s. 

With the right support you can create a spectacular transformation both inside and out. You can achieve way more than what you believe is possible and also you will be surprised how much more fun it can be than typically imagined.  

Photo – My first bodybuilding show in 2014 was the closest I have been to a ’10-pack and a clip from the workout video you should follow.

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