My new programme, Body Transformation Zero will be launching In January.

It is called Zero because you need Zero experience, Zero prior success and there are Zero pre-requisites. It is a process where I can help any one get to any goal regardless of their background. This plan is ideal for you if you are not making much progress towards your goal or feel it is too big of a challenge.

The programme gives you everything you need to change your body regardless of previous struggles or difficulties and tailored to your own individual situation. It is developed from 20 years of working with clients, involving thousands of coaching hours & hundreds of transformations. There are no banned foods, no grueling or boring exercises, no suffering – just an intelligent approach to get results in the easiest way possible. Body Transformation Zero is based on my book – The Grand Unified Theory of Weight Loss. This programme involves 1:1 online coaching, 24/7 support, an extensive exercise library with follow along workouts and much more. There are 11 focus areas, done at your own pace & tailored to your needs.

Upon signing up you will complete the initial intake questionnaires. This forms the basis of how to approach things going forwards. We then immediately put in place some form of exercise, nutrition and movement routine. From this the plan will develop your skills around changing your body through specific set challenges where you do a new behaviour for a day or two. This is adjusted to where you are and anyone can do the tasks.

Each week you update me with your progress using a weekly feedback form. Alongisde this, we are in contact most days on whatsapp and there are daily motivational videos to keep you focused. There is also a members area with an extensive follow along exercise library.

There are no exercises you HAVE to do. The exercise library has 30+ follow along workouts for resistance training, muscle development, flexibility as well H.I.I,T and aerobic training. My goal is to help you to change your body both in appearance but also physical capability so you are thriving in life and actually enjoy exercising by the end of the process.

There is no set time period for how long the process takes. There are 11 phases in the whole programme but most people can achieve their goals without needing to do all 11 phases. My goal is to get you to your goal as fast as possible, with a focus on long term success over short term sacrifice. As there are also financial implications to consider too there is no one right way to do this, or minimum time you must commit to. I will also be launching the good Karma programme for those who need support financially. 

The video below gives more details about the programme. Add me on Whatsapp to discuss more>>>  (Ben Wilson– 07915 397 703   (+44 from outside UK)


Need Support Getting In Shape?

Changing your body on your own without support or an effective system usually ends in failure sadly. To avoid this outcome you can become one of my coaching clients either online or in person. I provide Holistic, Healthy & Sustainable Body Transformations. Contact me to discuss your goals further or see below for more details and the options available to you based on your location / preferences:

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