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Free 7 Day Trial Then £19.95 / Month

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Free 7 Day Trial Then £19.95 / Month


There are 11 phases to work through within the programme. Each phase has a series of tasks to complete befoe eyou can move on to the next one. These are done at your own pace, some tasks take five minutes to do while other may involve making a small behaviour change for a week. Upon completing all the tasks you will then progress to the next phase. Aftere each phase you will complete the a check in progress update for me to see how you went. Everything is explained by videos and documentation (where needed) so anyone can easily follow along. I am always there to answer problems if struggling as well. The phases are also backed up by the extensive member;s area with over 30+ follow along home workouts available and daily motivational videos.


There is no set time period for how long the process takes. There are 11 phases in the whole programme but most people can achieve their goals without needing to do all 11 phases. My goal is to get you to your goal as fast as possible, with a focus on long term success over short term sacrifices. As there are also financial implications to consider too there is no one right way to do this, or minimum time you must commit to.


Simply stop your payment. There is no minimum duration or commitment. On finishing I will give you access to a couple of helpful tools to ensure you easily sustain the results you have achieved. 


Body Transformation ZERO is a pre-set course based on the Grand Unified Theory of Weight Loss. My performance coaching is adaptable, so it may follow the exact process of ZERO or be changed based on your needs, desire and aims.

Either plan is ideal if you are not making much progress towards your goal or feel it is too big of a challenge on your own. 


To answer any questions around the programme or the sign up process please contact me on whatsapp by clicking the help bubble on this page or by Adding me directly here on Whatsapp>

You can also speak to me on social media on Instagram>> or go to the contact me page>

****** Body Transformation ZERO – With Performance Coaching ****** 

If you feel you need more support with direct daily whatsapp contact with me and to have the programme tailored to your individual needs then performance coaching may be for you.

To learn more or to begin the process first add me on whatsapp by :


– Add me manually using – Ben Wilson –  07915 397 703       (+44 from abroad)

Send me a quick hello and I will give you further details around the on-boarding process etc. 

***** The Good Karma Scheme ********

As part of my desire to help as many people as I can and to cover all sections of society my ‘Good Karma Scheme’ allows you to apply for any of my coaching services with a certain number of free places available.

The Good Karma Scheme is by application only. (COMING SOON>>)



Notes –

– You can cancel at anytime through your own Pay Pal account or by letting me know.

– There is no minimum commitment to the programme. Stay for as long or a little as is right for you.

– Subscribing to the plan confirms you are medically authorised to do exercise (Please check with your doctor before embarking on any exercise routine).