With January in full swing I hope this is the year you choose to take your Health & Fitness to a new level. I have finally finished creating a full array of programmes to help you transform your body and develop a new healthy habits. The full list of options is below, I will delve further into some of these in future emails –


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My Book – The Grand Unified Theory of Weight Loss – It is a great read for anyone who has struggled with their results previously. It is also available in audio book format. Available on Amazon and other retailers, see the full list here>>


Body Transformation Zero – This innovative programme is now live and is guaranteed to transform your habits, thought patterns and results. There are 11 phases and within each phase there are some simple tasks to complete which anyone can do. The way they programme has been put together means each task builds upon the last one and you will subtly and enjoyably establish good behaviour patterns over time. This will not only change your body now and give you great results but it will change your habits so it is sustainable long term. The plan makes getting results much easier than you imagined and avoids much of the things people dislike about trying to get in shape. 

The programme is backed up by an extensive exercise area of 30+ follow along workouts. I am also on hand to help out if any problems and to review your progress after each phase is completed. It is very affordable, less than the price of a coffee & snack a week and cheaper than a monthly gym membership. 

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Online Performance Coaching – This personalised programme is specifically tailored to your needs, current abilities and past experience. I will support and motivate you to achieve your goals through addressing your nutrition, exercise and long term habits. I will create a tailored plan to follow based on your aims and current skills. 

We are then in contact as much as you would like through Whatsapp and weekly check-in’s to implement and adapt the plan until you have achieved your goals. You will have access to all my content including my extensive exercise library and members area as well as the Body Transformation Zero programme. 

If you have struggled to get results previously then this is the ideal programme as I able to directly support and motivate you using my 20 years of experience coaching people. I have a unique way of making helping people get fit that is both enjoyable and much easier than you imagined. 

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Personal Training 1:1 – I do most of my personal training here in Battersea or near by in central London. I also offer 1:1 sessions via Zoom, Skype or Whataspp video for people who want direct coaching who are not in London. 

I am one of the most experienced personal trainers in the UK. I can help you achieve your goals in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible. Most of my previous clients comment how it was not like anything they imagined and much easier than expected. 

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That is a sum up of what I can offer to help you make 2023 a spectacular year with your health & fitness. If you have any questions around these programmes or simply anything to do with health and fitness then reply to this email or add me on Whatsapp to discuss more>>  (Ben Wilson– 07915 397 703   (+44 from outside UK). 

Photo –  Some pics of the 30+ video follow along exercise workouts that accompany all of my programmes. Watch here>>


Need Support Getting In Shape?

Changing your body on your own without support or an effective system usually ends in failure sadly. To avoid this outcome you can become one of my coaching clients either online or in person. I provide Holistic, Healthy & Sustainable Body Transformations. Contact me to discuss your goals further or see below for more details and the options available to you based on your location / preferences:

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London (Oval / Kennington) – For Personal Training in Oval & Kennington please  contact me. I am available for sessions in homes, private gyms or parks.


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