Get Motivated & Get Your Dream Body!
Your Thinking = Your Results

My name is Ben Wilson

I am here to help you get the body you always wanted.

How successful you will be in your next attempt to get in shape has very little to do with what diet you will follow nor what exercise plan you perform.

Your Results will be in direct proportion to how well you stick to your plan.

Yes what you eat, how much you eat and what exercise you do has a part to play but if you cannot stick to your plan it is irrelevant what plan you have.

How well you follow a plan = Your Thinking Patterns (Some call this Motivation)

Change Your Thinking – Change Your Shape

I am author of the book Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape.

Your success will come down to how you think currently, your connections to certain foods and how your behaviours change when life gets in the way e.g. you get stressed, busy, unhappy etc.

Your mind and motivation can be developed and trained just like the body will get fitter from doing exercise.

Whatever the circumstance, be it time, money, age or anything else YOU CAN ACHIEVE the body you want if you develop your mind to think in the “right” way.

The New You – Starts Today!

The Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape plan is designed to target particular areas of motivation and food connections so that you can increase your willpower and stick to your plan.

Benefits Include –

  • Supercharged Motivation – Become focused and follow your plan.
  • Control your food cravings – Break free from the pressures of food.
  • Discover and abolish the reasons you always fail to stick to your diet and exercise plans.
  • Practical ways to reduce stress and increase happiness therefore improving your diet/exercise consistency.

How does it work?

  • Change Your Thinking, Change Your Shape is a 10 Module Programme delivered via video with accompanying workbook.
  • It focuses solely on developing your motivation and mind set through doing certain mind exercises. 
  • Once motivated and thinking right you will easily stick to your existing nutrition and exercise plan

Module 1 – Cut The Connection 1
We begin the course using an exercise that will cut many of your ties to “having” to eat your worst foods. Through following a simple 6 minute behaviour conditioning exercise you can reset your food connections.

When you have reset your food connections you will be able to freely choose whether you want to eat the particular food, as opposed to having to eat as many people find with their worst foods (chocolate, cake, alcohol etc).

Module 2 – De-stress and Eat Less
Many people find stress can be the biggest reason they eat badly. Using this simple technique you can reduce stress levels within 5 minutes.

When less stressed your eating will improve without any extra effort or focus.

Module 3 – Change Feelings

This module teaches you a surprisingly simple process that we all use naturally everyday without being aware of it. When you become attuned with how we change our desire naturally you can then use this process to influence your current emotions.

As you guide your own emotions and feelings around food and exercise you will icrase your consistency and therefore results obtained.

Module 4 – Motivation – Pleasure

This simple and fast exercise focuses your mind on your goal. Most people trying to get in shape have negative goals (not being how I am) or impossible goals (trying to look like I was 15 years ago – as opposed to the size I was 15 years ago but at my current age).

Without a strong visual image you will forever be without motivation as you have nothing concrete to aim your desires towards. After this module you will have a clear image of where to direct your focus.

Module 5 – Motivation – Pain

People are motivated most by pain or the fear of pain. In this module we use an exercise to take your current problems and turn them into strong motivating drivers.

Module 6 – Controlling How You Feel

How well you stick to your plan is very related to how you feel. Unbeknown to most people is that we have a certain formula that decides how we are going to feel in ny given moment. When you discover this formula you will then be able to be much more in control of your mood and feelings which will improve your results.

Module 7 – Busy-iness and Happiness

For many people their main issue is that they are too busy and have such a hectic life their health and fitness goals get pushed to the side. This module tackles this issue direct on looking at ways to resolve this problem from 3 different angles.

Happiness is a vital area of trying to get in shape due to the link between a feeling down and bad eating. The exercise here often gives surprising results to what makes you happy vs how you actually spend your time.

Module 8 – Cut the Connection 2

Sometimes it is your friends and location that drives your behaviours awry. Use the techniques similar to module 1 break connections so you no longer feel pressured by other people or the situation itself to eat or drink badly. When the connections are broken you can choose to partake or not as opposed to having to do it regardless of your desires.

Module 9 – Nutrition and Exercise

Understand some basic and foundational thinking patterns that will be all the difference between ticking to your plans and not. Almost everyone manages to outwit themselves in regards to following a exercise/nutrition plan.

Once you start giving yourself permission in certain areas you will find your consistency goes through the roof.

Module 10 – Going Forwards

How to use all this information going forwards including downloadable daily motivations to listen on your Ipod going to work or any location you so choose.

The course is available via video with accompanying workbook.

Backed By a 60 Day Rock Solid Guarantee

Try Change Your Thinking Change Your Shape risk free.

If, after 60 days you haven’t changed your thinking and your body shape you’ll get every penny back.

No questions asked, no trying to get out of it. You get a full, prompt and friendly refund – and we part as friends.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

But with tools you are about to discover you are going to be as blown away with the program.

My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked. You get a full, prompt and friendly refund – and we part as friends


Cost of Course –
Just $47  US (~ £30 UK)

My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

No questions. No weasel clauses. You get a full, prompt and friendly refund – and we part as friends

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